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“Car Hop” Cosmopolitan

Coca Cola "Car Hop" ad art by Bob Peak

This one of the paintings used for a Cosmopolitan article

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In Like Flint

In Like Flint, movie poster key art by Bob Peak

In Like Flint, movie poster key art by Bob Peak

I remember my dad working on this when I was a little kid. A little kid but old enough to know what was cool! I never look at this art and not feel the same as when I did as a little boy, “Wow dad! that’s cool”

Matthew Joseph Peak

*In Like Flint is a 1967 film directed by Gordon Douglas, the sequel to the parody spy film Our Man Flint Continue reading “In Like Flint” »

Cosmopolitan “White Palms”

TWA Airlines – Family Vacation

Ad art for Trans World Airlines. Bob Peak created quite a few pieces of art for TWA, including murals for the planes, menus, ticket holders, and ads.

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